Anerada means a water fairy.

Often referred to Neraeides (Νηρηΐδες), in Greek mythology described as sea nymphs (female spirits of sea waters), the fifty daughters of Nereus and the Oceania Doris.

The paretymology of the name, according to which ‘fairy’ comes from the word ‘νερα’, also gives their close relationship with water.

The Neraeides, the nymphs, remain to this day in the beliefs of the Greeks. According to the folklore they live in the mountains, in the forests, in caves, or in rivers, in fountains, in all nature, and are called by many names: anerades, aneragos, fairies etc. It is said that they move in circular spaces (fountain, lake, cistern), as their movements in dancing are circular and leave circular footprints in the grass.

About us

We are Polish couple who left our country in the search of great weather and slow lifestyle. We have stayed in the city of Limassol for 10 years. Eventually we decided to live closer to the nature so we began search of a new house which we could call our own home.

The choice of the house was not accidental. Years before we fall in love with Anerada cottage while staying n Apsiou for a short city brake. When we were searching for a property to buy Anerada was available for sale and it turned out to be an inevitable destiny to live here.

Philosophy and Lifestyle

We are lovers of trees and greenery. Considering that Cyprus has dry and hot climate and that forests play a significant role in regulating climate change and high temperatures we value every tree as much as human life. It has been proven that people feel better surrounded by nature and trees.
We have created a small green oasis in our garden for unique experience of our guests and ourselves where we aim to unite with nature.

We take pride in our commitment to sustainability, and through our lifestyle strive to minimize our impact on the environment. By promoting eco-friendly practices, we aspire to create a sustainable and responsible oasis for our guests.

Anerada Cottage

This cottage combines traditional and contemporary style. The old stone part with internal gated yard is dated 1938. In 2005 the house was expanded by a new living room and a bedroom. This minimalist addition offer the perfect blend of tradition and simplicity, with rustic wood finishes, and breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. The garden located next to the house has been thoughtfully designed to offer a private sanctuary, inviting you to relax and unwind in a serene and tranquil environment.

Thalia Cottage

In Greek mythology, Thalia (Θάλεια) is the joyous nymph who was one of the fifty Neraeids. Her name was derived from ‘thállein’ (θάλλειν) which means “to flourish, to be green”.

Thalia cottage is located on the opposite corner of Anerada cottage, just across the road. This cosy house has all ammenities for relaxing holidays for our guests to enjoy. From divine breakfast, outdoor dining in the garden, day beds and couches, to king size bed, comfortable bath, covered veranda with mountain view, this property is sure to exceed your expectations.


Whether you’re looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life, reconnect with nature, or simply indulge in a well-deserved retreat, our resort offers a unique experience that will leave you feeling refreshed and inspired.

Book your stay in our cottage through this website by sending us reservation request. We will then contact you as soon as possible to confirm your booking and discuss further details with you.

Living room



a Journey into nature.

“What is the value of sitting under a forest tree’s shade, and enjoying a cool drink of
water or lunch? What is the value of a vista of a pristine grove of conifers or a stand of
hardwood trees in full autumn colour? And how do we place a value on wildlife habitat;
protection from floods, landslides, avalanches; and perhaps most important of all, clean
water, air and climate? Our forests provide many critical services to humanity. We have
long valued the forest for things that have very tangible monetary worth, such as wood
and wood products, but we have not been able to demonstrate and capture the values
of its services that are difficult to measure or even priceless.”

UNECE/FAO Forestry and Timber Section
United Nations Economic Commission for Europe : The Value of Forests
Payments for Ecosystem Services in a Green Economy


Anerada Cottages are located in small village Apsiou only 20 minutes drive from Limassol city. Central position on the map of Cyprus makes it a good starting point for visiting Troodos Mountains, Amathus Archaeological Sites, Curium Amphitheatre and many beaches and other cities of Cyprus in similar distance.

Places of interest in the area


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